Falls Prevention Awareness Day!!

Today is the first day of Autumn!! Can you believe how time flies by so quickly??  Today also just so happens to be Falls Prevention Awareness Day!   Check out ncoa.org/fallsprevention for more information on how physical therapy can be a tool used for fall prevention.



Welcome to the UPTS Blog!!

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Welcome to the blog of all blogs, the beginning of something amazing, the end all be all, number one, original, one of a kind, unlike anything you have seen before… UTAH PHYSICAL THERAPY SPECIALISTS BLOG!  We are starting this blog for a few reasons.  Allow us to explain them to you….

1- We want a way to be able to connect with our patients outside of the clinic.  Sure we get to know you in the clinic for a short time while we get to enjoy your presence…. but the problem is our therapists are awesome at what they do!  Why is this a problem you ask…. Because our patients get better and no longer need our assistance!  We get you set up so that you can live your life again, and get back to normal!! Unfortunately for us, your normal life doesn’t consist of coming to your physical therapist two times a week…. so we are the ones who end up suffering!  Hence…. the blog!  We want to keep in touch, even after you finish your treatment.  Here at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists, we are family!  Family means you stay in touch and stay updated on what is going on with each other.  Keep us updated with your progress, as we keep you updated with ours.  This blog will help you to know what is happening in our clinic, so that if you ever have an injury or a problem that brings you back to us, it will be like you never even left!

Here at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists... We are Family!  Stay connected with us, as we stay connected with you!

Here at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists… We are Family! Stay connected with us, as we stay connected with you!

2- Lots of our patients ask our therapist for their recommendations.  I mean let’s face it…. Brian, Erinlee, Sean, and Kyle have it going on!!  Who wouldn’t want to know their secrets to a happy and successful life??  We hope that this blog will be a source for you to look for when you are needing a suggestion on what to make for dinner, or what back brace is going to be the best fit for you, or what running shoe we like best.  Keep in mind that we are not associated nor do we endorse any of the products that we may post, but simply do it for YOU… our patients and our family!


Stay tuned for recipes like this… coming soon!!

3- There are thousands of therapy clinics that you have the option of going to.  So what sets us apart from everyone else??  Stay tuned because this blog will continue to show you why Utah Physical Therapy Specialists truly is the BEST!!  For starters, we stay current on all the latest and greatest research that is available for physical therapists.  We hope this blog will help keep you up to date on the research that comes available, so you can stay informed and know why we do what we do.  The research is there… it’s just a matter of reading it!  We encourage you to stay informed and know what your best option is for physical therapy, because after all… your health is your responsibility.  Don’t fret, we will do all we can to keep you up to date and help you out along the way!  If there is anything you need or would like to request, just let us know!

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We will try to keep you up to date on the latest research in physical therapy.